Your wish is our command. This means that we adjust our scheduling and organization to your needs, and not the other way around.

If you are very tied up with work and aren’t able to visit a physician’s office during “normal” office hours, we are happy to offer you an examination appointment during the evening hours. In the event of acute symptoms or urgent issues, we normally can schedule an appointment on the same day. Both the examination as well as the following consultation regarding the results take place in a peaceful environment and without any time pressure.

Using special software, we capture the created images onto digital media (CD or DVD). This allows you or the physician continuing treatment to examine the images on almost any modern computer system.  In addition to this, we also include the documentation on high-quality laser films. We deliver both the images as well as the laser films to you only a few minutes after the examination. In the subsequent consultation we explain our findings to you in detail. If you have an appointment with another physician directly afterwards, you will receive a short summary of the findings to bring with you. You or your doctor will receive the comprehensive written report of the findings by mail, generally within two to three working days.